you keep me from falling apart

lauren: i never wanna be friends
lauren: is what i thought you said

now that i think about it, i never wanna be friends. atleast, just friends and no, i don't mean that in the "i want a relationship with you" sense before people jump to conclusions or make assumptions. i mean that in the sense that, you're one of the people in my life that means the most and i never want to write you off as just another friend. you're so much more to me than that. there's nothing i wouldn't do for you, honestly. i mean that with everything in me. we've gone through a lot of things and i've had other friends in the past that were good to me but no one ever as good as you. you don't judge me and you never pick fights, you never abandon me and you never say "i told you so" you're just there when i need you, despite whatever else- you're there. there's no one else that could ever take your spot. you're one of a kind, our friendship is like nothing i've ever felt or had before but i don't mind feeling like this. i'm actually really grateful for the bond that we share. you're much more than just a friend to me, you're the one who will always be here, and i'll always be here too. i wouldn't go anywhere, unless it was with you. these three words will never be enough to sum it up, but for lack of a better way to put it: i love you. and in a world full of changes, that's something that never will.